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Special thanks
Special thanks needs to be given to the following for various reasons. -Jana


For everything!

Mark A. VanDyke

Because without this man, I would not have been able to follow my dreams for the last 6 years.

Sean, Christopher, Victoria, Kason & Stephanie

For putting up with my crazy career for all these years. I know it must have been hard at times dealing with a mother constantly working. June Cleaver I am NOT.

Ken Horstmann & Kimberly McMinn

For giving me the vision of reforming the company into the The Jana VanDyke Agency and giving me my first film project to work on.

Nancy Hancock & Marcia Carlisle

For "strongly" encouraging me to reform the company into an agency.

Alana Jordan & Robert Curruth

For designing the new company logo. The end result is a combination of both their ideas.

Frank Lee Roberts

For helping me start Mega Management by being my first photographer and for all the support he gave me along the way.

Delno Ebie, Lauren Jedneski, Maurice Flowers, Alicia Watson & Sarah Melton

For being my first 5 talent and believing in me for all these years.

My mother - Linda M. Stanton

For too much to list here.

Timothy Perez

For being my personal pilot, bodyguard & assistant... lol

Michael Ray Davis

For writing numerous things for me including my own bio. It truly was a bear of a job.

Lori Threlkeld

For helping me tirelessly last year. For teaching me things that I did not know. For everything that she did to help our actors. For being my friend. Honestly, I really could never thank her enough for all that she did to help JVA and me.

All my talent

For their belief, patience and support.

And finally...

To all the industry professionals out there that gave JVA and our actors the opportunities to be included in their projects. We are all very grateful and we will continue to do our best for you in the future and for many many years to come.

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!