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No one cares more for or about her talent than Jana. She works tirelessly to ensure that those she represents have the best chance at success. I count her not only as my agent, but also my friend.
Delno Ebie

SAG Actor

I've been an actor going on 17 years, 10 of them SAG. I've also had agents in L.A., Chicago, New York, Detroit and North Carolina. NONE are as nice or professional as Jana. Coming from Atlanta, I thought work would just "trickle in," but she has gotten me more auditions than any other agent. Good auditions....big name feature films and TV shows. Besides all that....I like her, she's fun.
Chuck Wagner

SAG Actor

I just signed with The Jana VanDyke Agency a couple weeks ago and what has already impressed me this early in our relationship is the high level of professionalism I've seen. I work in the business world and recognize a well run organization when I see one and this agency definitely fits that category! Thanks for taking me on, Jana!
Great agent, great staff, great person - Jana believes in her talent and works hard for them - if you're driven to make this a serious career, Jana is going to be right there with you all the way!
JVA to me was and still is my beacon of hope, I feel truly blessed to have been taken under Jana's wing when times where rough for me, thank you so much JVA and keep on flying forward!
I couldn't have asked for a better situation for representation than the Jana VanDyke Agency. Jana and her team are absolutely amazing, and will do anything for their talent. Their commitment, work ethic and effort to reach out personally to get to know the strengths of their talent creates such a high level of trust that I truly feel blessed to be a part of this agency.

From the beginning for me, the Jana VanDyke Agency has always worked hard for my benefit because they believe in my talent and respect my goals as well as their own - thus resulting in booking a speaking role on the show One Tree Hill after only a month and a half on their roster! I know Jana and her team support me 110%, which makes it easier to know that I'm just not another name on a roster. I can't wait for the opportunities she and her team will provide for me in the future!
If there is one word that I can use to describe my experience with the Jana Van Dyke Agency, the word definitely would be "Family." Being part of the JVA has been an wonderful experience thus far and the staff there is great. The agency gives you opportunity to expand yourself in the business without having to feel uncomfortable about the people you are doing business with.
Jana is that pitbull we actors spend years searching for to stand in our corner and fight for and with us on this mad journey called Show Business Life entu. Her professionalism, devotion to, and faith in her talent are a few of the many traits that make me proud to call her... My Agent. She keeps me busy, and for that I am grateful and feel truly blessed to have an ally like her by my side on this adventure. Thank you too Jana, Lori, and the whole JVA crew for doing what you do, so I can go out and do what I do.
I am a plus-sized character actress, well over the age of forty, living just outside a small town in southeast Georgia. Some actors may understand how difficult it can be for me to find work simply based on my geographical and physical handicaps, but finding an agent that actually cares about you, let alone actually remembers your name, is next to impossible. Jana S. VanDyke is an agent unlike ALL others. I owe Jana more than just my loyalty for all she's done for me. She was not only solely responsible for getting me my very first national commercial, but she's downright inspirational at times, most especially when I'm at my lowest point and thinking about giving up. I deeply appreciate how detail-oriented she is and conscientious. She's a true professional. She is much more than that, she's a real friend and a joy to be around. She's a godly woman that prays and thinks about others. She's tireless in her devotion to her God, profession, talent, friends and family.
I feel very privileged to be represented by the Jana VanDyke Agency. Jana not only has tremendous expertise in her field, but she is very "hands on" with her clients, always on the lookout for appropriate opportunities and training, and providing encouragement, motivation, and the honest advice and critiquing necessary to achieve success.
My children have Jana VanDyke as an agent and I have been very pleased. She is quick to respond and my children have been called for numerous auditions. We live out of state and she still works hard for us. My kids always do their best and they work hard to succeed in this business. Jana works very hard and is a great pleasure to work with.


Julie McGee (mom to Patrick, Alex and Zach McGee)